A proud Aboriginal company providing builders working in remote communities with competitive & high quality contracting services with over 20 years of quality results across WA’s civil, construction, resources, residental and commercial industries.

About our company

Northwest Construction Services

Northwest Construction Services (Formally Precision Surveying and Earthmoving) is an Aboriginal owned and operated company providing builders working in remote communities with competitive & high quality contracting services. We specialise in the areas of Roofing & Cladding, Ceilings & Linings, Painting and Surveying. We have experienced and skilled teams within each category as well as our on-site training program and can deliver your project on budget and on time.

Supply Nation

We are proud to announce that we are officially Supply Nation Certified!! This means that anyone using our services can be assured that we have undergone a full certification process with the full backing of a Nationally Accredited Program but have met the requirements of a viable, profitable company!
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About the Director

Mika Mclennon

Mika Mclennon

A Gija man from Warmun Community in the East Kimberley of Western Australia, Mika has built a strong portfolio of experiences over his 15 year career. With extensive knowledge in the mining, construction and civil industries, Mika strives to maintain a balance between family, work and community commitments.

During a 10 year career with Rio Tinto Mika realised that he could contribute more to his family, his home community of Warmun and the broader Aboriginal community as a business owner than he could as an employee. Mika realized he not only had the experience, skills and capability to run his own business but he understood what it meant to do so in a culturally appropriate way that empowered Aboriginal people.

With strong connections still in place at Warmun – Mika’s parents have lived in the community for over 30 years and his younger sisters playing a crucial role in running the Community’s administrative arm while working closely with the local Council – Mika has a clear vision of the legacy he wants to leave behind.

Using his industry know-how, understanding of challenges facing Aboriginal people into meaningful employment pathways, knowledge of Aboriginal culture and his business expertise, Mika brings a considered, informed and contemporary perspective to projects and his clients. Mika’s vision is to provide already capable Aboriginal people with access to employment and training in relevant and appropriate roles. It’s with this vision that Mika believes he can provide the environment and support necessary to contribute to better relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.